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Injured By A Defective Project?

We routinely represent individuals who have been seriously injured by dangerous and defective products. We have substantial experience in products liability law and have practiced in this area of the law for over 30 years. We have been against some of the largest product manufacturers in the world and have participated in multiple substantial recoveries from settlement and jury verdict.

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Most of us assume that products must be safe if they’re offered for sale at a reputable store. As thousands of Americans discover each year, reputation and regulation aren’t always enough to guarantee that a product is safe. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal agency charged with overseeing the safety of most products sold in the U.S., recalls hundreds of products each year due to safety concerns. The agency’s statistics indicate that defective consumer products caused 176 deaths and more than 19,000 hospitalizations in 2007.

Defective consumer products are not just a nuisance and a waste of money; they can cause preventable deaths, toxic exposures and other very serious injuries.

Which Products Cause The Most Serious Problems?

Nearly any product can be defective, but some of the most serious product defects include:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Age-inappropriate toys or jewelry that can cause choking hazards or expose children to toxic chemicals or poisons such as lead
  • Unsafe tanning beds
  • Contaminated food or food poisoning
  • Unsafe prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs
  • Highly flammable home furnishings or clothing
  • Lack of safeguards, crush injuries, lacerations, amputations or safety equipment
  • Lack of safety warnings and inadequate instructions resulting in injury

Defective products aren’t just those used in our homes; they can also find us at work. Office workers can be exposed to chemicals, and electrocution from computer and other equipment. Industrial, construction or manufacturing jobs often involve equipment that can be dangerous even when used correctly. Common product injuries in the workplace include those caused by:

  • Punch press injuries resulting in amputations and crush injuries
  • Machine equipment, forklifts, pallet jacks, etc., that are poorly maintained, designed or constructed
  • Construction equipment defects
  • Escalator and elevator defects and injuries
  • Defective or deficient safety equipment
  • Ergonomic injuries

New Jersey Law Is Strict

Fortunately, New Jersey law imposes strict liability upon manufacturers for the injuries their products cause. You may hold companies liable for an inherently faulty design, flaws or contamination introduced during manufacturing, inadequate safeguards, shortcomings in warnings of potential danger and/or due to insufficient and incorrect instructions. In a New Jersey defective products lawsuit, you can be awarded compensation for a serious injury, permanent disability or wrongful death, as well as to pay medical bills, compensate for lost wages and for other costs related to your accident. We also seek to make sure that the wrongdoer is held responsible and that fairness result.

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