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Were You Bit By A Dog Or Exotic Animal?

Animal owners have a duty to protect the public from the actions of their animals. Unfortunately, there are many people injured yearly due to animal bites. The animal may be domestic, such as a dog or cat, or a more exotic one.

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We Have Unique Experience In Zoo-Related Incidents

In fact, we recently successfully concluded a case against a local zoo that had reason to know of the dangerous propensity of a particular prairie dog but chose to take no action to protect the visiting public. When our client stood at the fence of the enclosure the animal leaped and attacked the patron causing deep bites, scarring and functional limitations that required extensive medical care.

This is unusual but the zoo failed to protect the general public, our client in particular. Whether the animal is exotic or is a dog in a home or on a walk that attacks and bites an innocent person the responsibility is the same. Owners must accept personal responsibility for the actions of their animals and pets that seriously injure another.

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