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Every day you take responsibility for your own problems, and that is a full-time job. When you are injured because of someone else’s actions, that adds a layer of difficulty that you do not need. You want strong, honest representation who can answer your questions and fight for you, so you can keep on top of your true responsibilities.

Founded in 2012, Strauss Law Offices, LLC, has used a hands-on, detail-oriented approach to our clients’ cases to get them the best possible results. Attorney Jeffrey Strauss, Esq., with his background in the medical sciences and over 30 years of legal experience, is efficient and aggressive in pursuing the necessary results for you. Learn more by reading his bio below:

Find out what attorney Jeffrey Strauss’ clients have said of his over 30 years of experience fighting for clients. We help people across New Jersey and New York. Call 908-228-2695 or email us at [email protected].

How We Fight For You

People fighting through personal injury or wrongful death claims have a lot to face. They have bills to pay, families to support and jobs that they have to manage, on top of the pain they are feeling. People in this situation need all the support that they can get. Our firm offers struggling people:

  • Professionalism: We are always responsive to your questions and your needs. We work directly with you and forge a relationship so we can serve your interests fully.
  • Efficiency: We are able to move quickly on your case because of our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of key medical issues at hand.
  • Honesty: We will be completely candid in your chances for success in your lawsuit. If we say you have a case, you can believe it.
  • Aggressive action: With our attention to detail, and long history, we know where you stand with the law and are aggressive when we protect your rights.

We do what it takes to hold the people who injured you responsible. We will fight. We will take your case as far as we need to for the best possible results.

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Our lawyer will answer your questions directly and help you build a plan to move forward. Contact us as soon as possible by email or by calling 908-228-2695. We will answer your calls at any time or call you back as soon as possible. Tell us your story, and we can tell you if you have a case. We serve people across New York and New Jersey from our offices in Westfield and Nanuet.