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The Realities Of Litigating Car Crashes

There is so much misinformation that exists when it comes to the results of motor vehicle crash injuries. The realities of the law look overwhelming. You want a lawyer with experience cutting through the difficulties your face and providing you a clear plan of action.

At Strauss Law Offices, LLC, we make a point of being direct and candid with you about your situation and fighting hard against the unfair situation you face. Read what our clients across New Jersey and New York have said about us and then reach out at 908-228-2695 or by emailing [email protected].

The Deck Is Stacked Against You

You deserve compensation for the injuries you received. To get that you will need to go through a long and frustrating insurance claim process. In many cases, however, your claim can be denied, because insurance companies have the power to do so.

Attorney Jeffrey Strauss, Esq., has spent a career, routinely attacking that imbalance and fighting for injured people to get them what they deserve. Under his guidance, our firm treats every case as if it is going to trial and so we:

  • Investigate how your injury affected every part of your life
  • Review every part of your medical treatment
  • Interview witnesses
  • Take photographs of the crash

We take these steps because preparing for a fight is the surest way to get your best outcome.

A Small Firm Dedicated To Your Results

Our firm serves the injured throughout New Jersey and New York. We are able to focus on each case with a hands-on dedication that few other firms can match. With our experience we are able to develop stronger, more effective cases that in turn lead to a better opportunity for you.

Contact us today for a free consultation by email or by calling 908-228-2695. Our main office is located in Westfield, but our consultation can be over the phone at your convenience. Get started now.