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You Shouldn’t Have To Suffer Because Of A Diagnosis Error

Getting an accurate diagnosis is the critical first step in any medical treatment. Unfortunately, far too often, diagnosis comes to late for some patients, resulting in a worsening condition and a more dire prognosis. For others, a misdiagnosis can even lead to the incorrect treatment, which may only exacerbate the situation or even make it worse.

You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence. Our team will fight to recover damages caused by a doctor’s misdiagnosis. Call us at 908-228-2695 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.

At Strauss Law Offices, LLC, we know the disastrous consequences that can come from a misdiagnosis, and we know what fair compensation for these injuries should be. We have built our reputation for success on more than 30 years of experience fighting for favorable outcomes in personal injury cases, and we are ready to fight for your best interests, too.

We Are That Someone Who Will Stand For You

Medical malpractice claims are difficult for the victim when they try to settle things on their own. The hospital of the negligent or reckless staff member will do everything in its power to minimize the compensation you receive, even if it means not paying you anything at all. Hospitals often employ large legal teams that can be incredibly intimidating for victims who simply want to see justice served.

We do everything in our power to help our clients get the outcome they deserve in their injury claims. From exploring the benefits of negotiation and litigation to using expert witnesses to benefit your claim, no measure is too small if it means protecting your future.

When we represent a client, we do not settle for “good enough” results. We want to help you get the resources you need to properly cover the costs of your injury. We never accept a settlement without a client’s consent, and we are not afraid of standing up to large legal teams to benefit our clients.

You Should Not Be The One To Pay For Your Injury Costs

If you do not receive the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries, you may be the one who has to cover the remaining costs of your medical bills, lost income and other expenses. Instead of being the one to pay for the consequences of someone else’s actions, let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

We serve clients in New York and New Jersey from our offices in Westfield, New Jersey, and Nanuet, New York. If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation at one of our offices, call us at 908-228-2695 or email us here. Even if you are not sure if you suffered from medical malpractice, contact us today to confirm what we can do for you.