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Falls Can Lead To Serious Injuries

It is a simple thing to not notice that puddle, patch of ice or poorly placed object, then fall and get hurt. It seems small, but if you were not at home when it happened then you did not hurt yourself. You were the victim of someone else’s negligence and deserve to get compensation for that.

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The Basics Of A Fall-Down Case

You have the basic expectation of safety in publicly accessible areas. That could mean the sidewalk in front of your neighbor’s house, or it could mean the aisles of your grocery store. When there are tripping or slipping hazards it is their responsibility to clear them up before anyone gets hurt.

Injuries from such falls might seem small at first but they can have lasting effects:

  • A fall can lead to any number of other injuries from broken bones to neck injuries that need serious medical treatment, but it might take time to realize the seriousness of the injury.
  • Ankle sprains can take weeks to make a full recovery causing you to miss out on time at work and other important priorities.
  • A concussion from hitting your head is a serious condition, and if you have had concussions in the past you are at risk for frightening complications.

The people who own these places must take responsibility for keeping them safe. It is their duty, and nothing should get in the way of your compensation if they have been negligent.

We Will Help You Stand Up For Your Rights

There is nothing to be ashamed of when you get a serious injury from a fall. Attorney Jeffrey Strauss, Esq., is a lawyer with over three decades of experience fighting personal injury cases in New Jersey and New York, to get his clients the best possible outcome.

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