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Does your car have the right tires for the season?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Driving in the early spring can mean dealing with snow one day, rain the next and fog on the weekend. The variable weather makes for anxious commutes and close calls on the freeways are common.

One thing all drivers can do to make these conditions a little more bearable is approaching them with the right tires. Do you know which ones should be on your car?

Determining the proper tire for the season

None of the models have a straightforward weather designation. All-weather, three-season and performance models are all available in a wide range of prices and sizes.

However, what do those designations actually mean?

All-weather (or all-season): These function well in all conditions. Expect these to perform well both on wet and dry roads, as well as some light snow. They typically last pretty long. In severe cold weather, they lose traction. Many all-season tires are stamped with an M+S, M/S or M-S to indicate Mud and Snow.

Performance: These are premium tires for summer driving. They are made with a stiffer rubber, which makes for better handling. However, they are noisier than most and will wear faster because they stick to the road.

Three-season: Adequate for anything but cold weather, three-season tires are soft and grippy. They give the driver solid handling in normal conditions but quickly lose traction at or below freezing temperatures.

Winter tires: These have more traction during sloppy conditions like sleet, slush and snow. That control comes with a cost, however, as these are loud and wear out quickly. Winter tires can be marked with a snowflake inside a three-peaked mountain.

By recognizing the symbols and knowing what they stand for, you can be prepared for any commute.

Staying safe on changing roads

As spring approaches, it’s important to recognize how conditions on New Jersey roads will change. By having the right tires, you give yourself more control over your vehicle in any element.

Unfortunately, many drivers neglect this aspect of their car. Some drive past the point of baldness, then find out too late they don’t have the control they thought.

This leads to needless injuries and accidents on our roads. If you’re injured in an accident, a skilled attorney can help you navigate the recovery process.