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Medical malpractice: Commonly misdiagnosed cancers

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Failure to Diagnose |

Cancer misdiagnosis is a silent threat that looms over the healthcare landscape, often leading to delayed treatment and devastating consequences.

While any cancer can be misdiagnosed, certain types are more frequently mistaken due to their subtle symptoms or rarity. Understanding the risks associated with cancer misdiagnosis can help ensure you get the proper treatment for your medical condition.

5 cancers that can go overlooked

These cancers can present symptoms that mimic less severe illnesses, leading to incorrect or delayed diagnoses.

  1. Lymphoma: Can masquerade as a common infection due to symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and fever
  2. Breast cancer: Often misdiagnosed as benign cysts, or overdiagnosed, resulting in unnecessary treatment
  3. Melanoma (skin cancer): Can be mistaken for harmless moles or age spots, delaying life-saving interventions
  4. Lung cancer: Its persistent cough and chest pain can mimic less dire respiratory issues, causing potential misdiagnosis
  5. Colorectal cancer: Symptoms like abdominal pain and bowel changes can be mistaken for digestive issues, hindering early detection

The potential repercussions of diagnostic errors are grave on both sides of the problem.

  • If falsely diagnosed with cancer, you could undergo potentially harmful treatment while your actual condition goes unaddressed.
  • If your providers fail to detect your cancer, then you are not getting the treatment you need, and your condition may worsen.

Early detection and treatment are crucial, significantly increasing the chances of recovery and survival.

Misdiagnosis can be medical malpractice

A missed or delayed diagnosis may constitute medical malpractice if it results in incorrect treatment, delayed or no treatment. Legal remedies, including compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and your pain and suffering, may be within reach. Seek legal guidance to explore your options.