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Cleanliness Is Vital In Medical Settings

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Medical Malpractice |

Hospitals and medical facilities across the U.S have some of the most well-trained doctors in the world. They also have access to some of the most advanced medical equipment and technology.

While all of this is important, there are also some more basic components that medical facilities must get right. Cleanliness is vital in medical settings. Outlined below are some of the key practices that should be carried out.

Hand Washing

A culture of regular hand washing is crucial in medical settings. This is the case not only for staff, but patients and visitors too. Doctors should be thoroughly washing their hands at regular intervals and using gloves when necessary. Hand washing stations and sanitizers should be readily available at all times for the hospital staff.

Surgeons in particular should be carrying out what is known as a “surgical scrub”. The appropriate dispensary equipment and antibacterial solutions should be used, with the dispensers also being cleaned regularly.

Sterile Equipment

Before any medical procedure, whether it be minor or major surgery, the equipment must be sterilized. Needles should be fresh out of the packet and disposed of through the appropriate channels. Surgical equipment should be sterilized before every use and replaced when necessary.

Routine Cleaning

A clean hospital can make all the difference, and medical facilities should aim for high standards. Not only is this advised, but it is a legal duty owed to all patients.

If you have suffered a new condition or your existing ailment has been worsened by poor hygiene practices, then this could amount to negligence. Seek legal guidance to find out more about the potential medical malpractice claim.