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Could anesthesia mistakes lead to severe injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

People hospitalized for surgeries in New Jersey may feel nervous about their pending procedures. Scores of surgeries take place each year with no problems. However, some surgical procedures end with mishaps and injuries. Surgeon mistakes are not the only reasons for harm; sometimes, medical malpractice incidents related to anesthesia are the cause of injuries.

Anesthesia, injuries and malpractice

An anesthesiologist’s mistakes could lead to nerve damage, organ failure, brain damage or even death. With these sobering concerns in mind, it is apparent that anesthesia-related negligence could cause severe harm.

While many injuries suffered by patients might be treatable and possible to recover from, a significant number of injuries could be permanent ones. Like surgeons and other physicians, anesthesiologists must undergo significant training and preparation before working in a hospital setting. Regardless, mistakes may happen, so patients injured from anesthesia-related malpractice might want to explore their personal injury recovery options.

Medical malpractice insurance settlements

Hospitals, physicians and other health care practitioners may carry a substantial amount of medical malpractice insurance. No one wants to suffer severe or disabling injuries, nor do they want to see a loved one passed away. If such things occur, a legal professional may help affected patients or their families file an insurance claim and assist with navigating the aftermath and recovering losses.

However, disputes may develop regarding the insurance provider’s settlement offer versus what the injured party believes he or she deserves. Working with a medical malpractice attorney might lead to a more equitable settlement. An experienced attorney may review the case and determine a realistic loss figure.

If negotiations with the insurance company do not lead to a desirable outcome, the possibility exists to file an anesthesia-related medical malpractice lawsuit. A malpractice attorney may advise the client on matters related to litigation.