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What are the most common construction injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Construction Injuries |

Construction work can be an extremely demanding and dangerous profession. Workers deal with various stressful conditions and hazardous equipment, and accidents can occur at the most unexpected moment.

Even with the safety measures construction workers take, a serious injury can change their life forever. Workers should be aware of the risks that can occur while on the job.

The most common construction injuries include:

  • Burns – Fires and explosions that happen at construction sites can cause significant burning and scarring to a worker. Many build sites have fire hazards such as dangerous chemicals and exposed wiring that workers should be cautious around to prevent any injuries.
  • Falls – Many construction workers will work on scaffolding, cranes, rooftops and other locations high off the ground. Falls can cause serious broken bones or head injuries, even if you’re wearing a hard hat.
  • Head injuries – While falls can contribute to severe head or brain damage, it’s not the only way construction workers may face head injuries. Construction sites feature multiple working at different heights, and an improperly secured tool or piece of equipment can fall and strike you on the head.
  • Stress injuries – Construction work requires a lot of repeated physical labor, which can result in serious stress injuries such as repetitive motion injuries or muscle and joint damage from consistently carrying heavy objects.
  • Loss of hearing – Construction sites feature lots of loud equipment and machinery. The constant noise can cause hearing loss if workers don’t wear earplugs.
  • Weather-related injuries – Since construction often takes place year-round, regardless of weather, many workers experience injuries related to the weather. Heatstroke in the summer can lead to brain or heart damage, while frostbite and hypothermia in the winter can cause the loss of fingers and toes.

Construction sites should be safe for all its workers. If you sustain severe injuries that affect your ability to continue performing your tasks, you may consider talking to a personal injury attorney. They can help you receive benefits for your injury to cover medical costs, loss of wages, and make the challenging recovery time a little easier to navigate.