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The death of a loved one has devastating consequences. There is nothing quite as devastating as knowing that a loved one has died by reason of the negligent or intentional conduct of another person. There is no legal or moral remedy that can replace what was wrongfully taken. The only remedy at law is financial compensation for the loss. We are experts in Wrongful Death cases whether the loss is due to malpractice, auto or truck injuries, burns, birth related, defective products or machines, etc.

We have been successful in obtaining substantial recoveries-compensation for the victims of wrongful death and their Estates. Wrongful death can result from many different negligent or intentional actions such as due to malpractice, auto or truck crashes, burns, faulty security, construction accidents, worksite accidents, police brutality or negligent child care whether by private individuals or under the supervision of State Child Care Services (DYFS). Injuries that result from the fault of another demand that responsibility be taken by the wrongdoer and fairness result.

If a loved one has been taken because of another’s fault or negligence then contact Strauss Law Offices to discuss the matter in detail.

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