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The police are charged with the duty to "protect and to serve". Unfortunately, a police officer may take matters into his or her own hands and serve as judge and jury by beating and seriously injuring an innocent person. This can be by excessive force or with a clear intent to harm. These police officers do not deserve to be on the force.

Being a police officer can be a difficult job and place one in danger from criminals but it is their job to protect the public, protect the innocent and to even treat those who are being taken into custody and incarcerated with the respect demanded by the law. It is the Courts that decide punishment after convictions; it is not the job of the police officer to beat up the person he or she believes 'deserves it'. These cases involve intentional acts to cause injury, negligent actions and civil rights violations. Sometime the entire department may be at fault if it tolerates the wrongful actions of its officers. It is important to demand personal responsibility from those whose wrongful acts cause serious injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered life altering and very serious injuries at the hands of the police, if you have been brutalized by officers, please contact Strauss Law Offices and we will contact you within twenty-four (24) hours to discuss your case.

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