Brain Injury Attorneys in New Jersey and New York

We represented clients in the Courts of New Jersey and New York in very large injury and damage cases. That is what we have done for our entire career. We have also represented clients whose cases have not been that large but nevertheless needed the representation by an experienced lawyer to obtain a just result. Injuries that result from the fault of another demand that responsibility be taken by the wrongdoer and fairness result.

Types of Brain Injury Cases

Injury cases involve many types of damages. Among the worst are Brain injury cases that are due to accidental injury, birth injury and medical malpractice. These injuries are devastating and can cause tremendous hardship and stress to families and loved ones.

We have extensive experience in handling brain injury and head trauma cases including a jury verdict for a severely damaged child for $21 million (largest in 2006), a 2015 eve of trial settlement (on the record in 2016) on behalf of a child for $15 million (largest and second largest over 2015-2016) and a substantial $3 million recovery for an adult in a r2013 New York medical malpractice case.

We continue to represent clients of all ages, newborn to the elderly who have suffered brain injuries from most causes.

Experienced Brain Injury Attorneys in New Jersey and New York

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a brain injury, please contact Strauss Law Offices and we will contact you within twenty-four (24) hours to discuss your case.

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